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2/3/20234 min read


If you have a child that is struggling with their reading skills, you're definitely going to want to know more about "Reading Head Start"

To say being a parent can be hard is an understatement. While there are so many rewards that come with being a parent, there are also just as many challenges - especially if you are a first time or single parent.

As we all know, eventually our kids aren't going to be so little anymore and we need to start preparing them for the read world and real life. Watching our kids grow up is such a beautiful experience but there's always that little part of us that's saying "slow down." Then, before you know it, there going to be ready for school. The diapers and pacifiers are a vague memory, and in this day and age is seems like they are 8 going on 30.

While you're trying to deal with your own emotions of your little ones becoming not so little anymore, we also have the stress and responsibility of raising happy, healthy, and productive members of society!

Once your kids hit school age, things can get a lot more hectic. Especially if you work a full time job, and even if you're a stay at home mom (or dad), that's a full time job in itself too!

Reading program for kids to improve reading skills
Reading program for kids to improve reading skills


If your kids or kiddo is struggling to read, then that can lead to them struggling with almost every subject. Reading is at the core of learning for our little (or not so little) ones.

Improving your children's reading skills will benefit them in many ways. Here are a few that you that you might not have considered or thought of:

  • Communication skills

  • Grammar skills

  • Writing skills

  • Increases focus

  • Supports cognitive development

  • Develops empathy

  • Improves social and interactive skills

As parents we've always known the importance of reading, and now that we have gone over all the reasons why it is a crucial part of our kiddos development, lets talk reality - not every kid is an avid reader and gets the hang of it right away. It can be a grueling, frustrating and heartbreaking topic in your home. All we want as parents is to see our children succeed, so when they are really struggling with something (in this case reading) it can be difficult and overwhelming to witness and be apart of.

If you can relate to all the above - then don't worry. There is a solution!

Reading program for kids to improve reading skills
Reading program for kids to improve reading skills

After all the struggle and heartache, finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The Reading Head Start Program

What is it? How is it going to help? Is it worth a try? How much is it?

1.What is it?

Ms. Shepard created Reading Head Start, a reading program designed for 2-9 year old's, that is researched and proven to give kids an advantage from an early age or help those that just aren't getting the hang of it yet and need extra support. The program came to fruition after her 6 year old came home with a bad English grade, which for an English teacher, was a hard pill to swallow. This ultimately lead her on the journey of starting Reading Head Start.

2. How is it going to help?

The method that is used in Reading Head Start is based on how kids will enjoy and retain the information - not how us as adults think they will learn best. The program incorporates sensory stimulations like light, sound, and touch to engage kids. It also features hands on games and activities to keep kids interested and wanting more.

3. Is it worth a try?

Many parents have had success with Reading Head Start. No children are the same, so the fact that many people are seeing results proves this is an affective method in teaching children how to read. A big PRO about this program is the 1 year money back guarantee, so even if you are skeptical - you can try it and in the odd case it isn't a good fit for your child, you can get your money back.

4. How much is it?

The big question - what is it going to cost me? Surprisingly, Reading Head Start is affordable and well worth the cost. There is a $1 for 3 day trial that is available which I love, this speaks to the confidence in their results. After this here are the different payment plan options:




Reading Head Start even has sales so be sure to check for those!

Reading program for kids to improve reading skills
Reading program for kids to improve reading skills

Facts from the Reading Head Start Program

As parents, we simply cannot under estimate the importance of reading skills in our children. After reading the statistics is it gave me a whole new perspective of just how important it really is. Get ahead start on your children's reading, or if your child is already struggling, don't waste anymore time. Click the link below to go and check it out, and see if its a good option for your family! Best of luck on your reading adventures!

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